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Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting & Cutting 

The higher pressure of this equipment often allows the Evo experts to achieve more with less.  This is a low volume option for plants with limited waste water storage and processing.

  • Tube and Pipe Depuration, Automated or Manual
  • NDT Preparation
  • Boiler Striping with or without Abrasive
  • Surface Preparation
  • Concrete Cutting with or without Rebar Cutting
  • Concrete Floor Coating Removal and Profiling
  • Refractory Removal
  • Coatings Removal: rubber, paint (including lead based), poly urea, fiberglass epoxies and polypropylene
  • Floor Striping Removal, Non-Destructive
  • Ultra-High Pressure Water Cutting with or without abrasive, which is the industry standard for vessels holding or having held flammables as well as for metal cutting in high LEL atmospheres.
  • Hard Deposit Removal including but not limited to polymer, calcium, rust and lime scale
  • Tank byproduct and residual removal with or without CSE (automatic tooling available)
  • Stucco Removal, vacuum assisted for asbestos removal to ensure no vapor or particulate exposure
  • Packing Removal
  • Cutting, including but not limited to: tube bundle demo, floating roof, manways and valve removal

Let the experts at Evo create custom tooling / automation for your project if you can anticipate regular hydroblasting needs.  We can design automation or manual tooling in conjunction with many of the industry leading water blasting tech companies that we have formed a partnership with to get the right solution for your project.

We also offer permanent pipe setups for customers who would like to maintain a regular maintenance schedule, or can anticipate repeat projects.

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