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MSD Applications

Our patented emission-free process has proven to be one of the most environmentally sound and cost effective methods of on-site remediation available. The Mobile Steam Distillation™ unit (MSDU) is designed to decontaminate sites with hazardous or non-hazardous compounds. We have successfully treated thousands of tons of soil using this process. Detailed specifications are available on request.


  • Treatment of hazardous soil to non-hazardous levels
  • Treatment of non-hazardous soils to required levels
  • Waste minimization – thousands of tons of hazardous soil are reduced to anywhere from one to a few drums for incineration or other proper disposal


  • The most cost-effective method of hazardous waste treatment
  • Allows for return of treated soil to the excavation
  • Mobile and self-sufficient
  • Environmentally safe – no air emissions and no contaminant discharge

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