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Permanent pipe set ups are available for recurring projects and regularly scheduled maintenance.  Our vacuum equipment is modular allowing the experts at Evo to service multiple areas without moving the pipes.  Our systems have a capacity of 3,000 gallons or 16 cubic yards.

  • Ash Removal, directly from the line and into an online unit.
  • Duct, Tank and Boiler Depuration
  • Hydro Excavation and Pnuematic Excavation
  • Vac Box, sealed system preventing fugitive  dust and hazardous dust from entering ambient air
  • High Temperature Vacuuming
  • Removal of Dust, Sludge and Liquids
  • Abrasive Blast Media Recovery
  • Filter Media Removal and Replacement
  • SCR Byproduct Removal
  • Bag House Particulate Removal

We have a variety of options for removal including, loading directly into 55 gallon drums, as well as utilizing our vacuum trucks to load media into tanks directly from super bags.  To meet the requirements of power plants and chemical plants we have groundable trucks that can be used for transport of combustible dusts.

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