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Water Blasting Applications 

Water pressure PSI gauge

2,000-20,000 Pounds of Water Pressure with our Skilled Expertise can Accomplish the Following Tasks:

Pipe Residual Removal – We can absterge any size piping at any length.  With custom made nozzles and industry leading manual and automated technology there is no line we cannot clear up.

Tube Residual Removal – We can unplug tubes from 5/32″ up; both horizontal and vertical.  With automated tooling we can deterge tubes from the bottom without risk to the operator.

Vessel Residual Removal – Evo offers manual and automated tooling for vessel depuration.  Most vessels can be cleared up without need to make entry.

Online Boiler Deslag – Our high volume pumps and automated tooling have a proven history of improving boiler performance.  One of the greatest benefits to this services is avoiding lost megawatt production during the depuration process.  This allows for the procedure to be scheduled as needed instead of having to wait for scheduled downtime.

Hydro Testing – Boiler tubes, pipes and vessels can all be tested with our high pressured water systems to identify structural integrity issues so that the necessary repair or replacement can happen with a minimum of down time.

Other Applications:

  • Hydroexcavation / Pnuematic Excavation
  • Automated Silo Depuration
  • Stack Out Tower Depuration

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