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Hydroblasting: At Evo Corp, we offer a wide range of hydroblasting services using state of the art equipment and engineered processes to effectively and efficiently clean all types of equipment in a safe and timely manner. Many of the processes we use are automated, reducing the risk to personnel and limiting prep work for our customers. Hydroblasting, also called water blasting and ultra high pressure cleaning, can clean the toughest materials in a safe and efficient manner. Whether you require low or high pressure or low or high volume, our experienced team will assess your cleaning needs and recommend the appropriate pump and technique. We offer conventional to 15,000 psi as well as specialty blasting. Specialty blasting is high volume (to 1,200 GPM/10K PSI) and Ultra High Pressure (“UHP”) and can include steel & concrete hydro-cutting, automated & robotic applications, sewer-jet blast ‘n vac service and on-line de-slagging & clinker removal.