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Land Resources

As a full service environmental and industrial company, we have the equipment and expertise to provide solutions for a wide range of land-related needs.

Erosion Control

Adequate soil drainage and erosion control is a critical need in many construction, clearing, and general land projects. Our qualified personnel are trained in comprehensive solutions, including but not limited to:

  • Site preparation
  • Silt fence installation
  • Drainage control
  • Site restoration

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Land Restoration / Clearing / Grubbing

Evo has the capabilities to provide a range of land restoration services to meet the needs of either small or large scale projects. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Construction of bio-retention features
  • Redirection or elimination of storm water wetlands
  • Bush-hogging, debris removal, etc.

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Excavation / Trenching

We have extensive equipment and experience in land excavation and trenching in most any terrain, and for most purposes. Some of our specific capabilities include:

  • Excavation of contaminated soil from spills, releases
  • Removal of underground/partially buried debris (i.e. drums, landfill items, etc.)
  • Trenching – either as a specific environmental need, or in combination with other services (i.e. pipe installation, etc.)
  • Transportation/disposal of unwanted soil, debris, etc.
  • Hydro and pneumatic excavation in areas containing underground utilities

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